DoTerra Business Opportunity

 In the doTerra business opportunity, you don’t succeed until you help others succeed and they have a unique compensation plan to help you succeed.

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money:

1-Retail Profits – You're provided with a free retail website where customers can purchase products from you at the retail price. doTERRA ships the products directly to them so you don't need to stock any products. Your site will look like this: Essential Oils 4 Health

2-Fast Start Bonus – doTERRA pays you this bonus when someone signs up on your team for their own wholesale membership. You receive 20% on anything they purchase in the first 60 days. This bonus is paid weekly so you start earning right away.

3-Power of Three Bonus – Once you have three people who enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program and have an order of 100pv or more and together with your LRP you and those three people’s volume it equals 600pv then doTERRA will pay you $50. When you duplicate that for those three people the bonus increases to $250. If you do that one more time for the new 9 people it will increase to $1500!

4-Unilevel Bonus – .At first, this doesn't seem like much, but it will grow to be the bonus that makes you the most money. You will make from 2%-7% on all purchases after the initial 60 days of a new members enrollment. This will come to you for everyone on your team and is given 7 levels deep. Making 7% on your 7th level (where the most people are) is why you make the most money from this bonus. 

5-Leadership Bonus – Once you reach the rank of Silver you can participate in Leadership Performance Pools. doTERRA takes a percentage of the money they make each month and divide it among the higher ranks.

If you would like to see a full graphical breakdown of the compensation plan click here: doTERRA Compensation Plan

This is an incredible company and we love it! It’s leadership, products and  business opportunity are like no other. If you're ready to jump in, welcome you to our team. This is an incredible opportunity and you can achieve great things if you’re willing to do the work.

Call or message for a FREE wellness consult and any questions and I'll help you pick the kit that best suits your needs!


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